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What are you wearing under your pants ?

As much as I love to be nude (mostly all the time at home), I also like wearing no underwear. Only when I go to the office I'm wearing some underwear. But I really like the feeling in my jeans, under my shorts, etc... Try to find short which can...

How do we find someone to watch us?

We have talked a lot about getting into the lifestyle, but were still not totally sure. Something we know we want to do is find a couple or even an individual to watch us have a good time. Any idea on how we could find those people? Were going on...

Bisexual cuckolding

Lately my biggest turn on has been a fantasy of the sort of sex where I'm with my partner and a group of guys. I have strong bisexual tendencies, and I very much miss sucking off cocks. Couple years ago, when we were having loads of passionate...

Forum activity.

Hey all. What is happening. Is there some activities on this forum ? Every time I am trying to ask if people would be in a place, I never receive any response. Maybe there is nobody going, but sometimes Im wondering if there is another reason. I am...

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Visit at Haulover Beach (Dec 10-12 2023)

As the title says, I visited Haulover beach these days. Was fun. I am straight, but with exhibitionism tendencies. A couple years ago I started wearing short shorts from the women section. Impossible to find those at mens section. I hate too much...

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Gran Canaria between 2nd and 9th Nov 23

Hi all, I booked a last minute getaway to Gran Canaria from the 2nd to the 9th November. Anyone gonna be there at the same time? would love to meet up and chill... if you're gonna be there at the same time .. drop me a DM and we can arrange to...

Sex store

Anyone know any good seedy sex store can take my wife to in north east England

Caught nude

I was Caught nude by my new neighbors. I purchased a house and 10 acres a number of years back I was about 40 + at the time. The house was at the front of the block set back from the road and trees at the very front gave lots of privacy. At the rear...


My wife and I have several boundaries when it comes to our approach of the lifestyle. We have just a few spoken rules and many unspoken rules. What we would think is common sense rules. Now both of us know that common sense isn't actually as...

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Guys,why can't anyone see our pictures?i have posted 5