Mastercard compliance and Media uploads

Mastercard compliance and Media uploads

Fellow users, as of October 15th, Mastercard will enact new regulations that will affect the content sharing policies on the website. This will only applyto uploading media, and webcam broadcasting. All other facets of the site remain unchanged. This is not a change we desired, but MasterCard representsabout 50% of our sales, and we must comply if we want to keep the lights on and the servers chugging away.

The basic overview is that

  • If you would like to upload nude content you must verify that you are of legal age by completing our certification process.
  • You must only upload content of which you are the legal copyright holder or have permission to do so
  • Although we understand the privacy implications of this, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of your personal information, as we always do.

    Due to the nature of this lifestyle, and the implications to some, we began the site with privacy being paramount. Unlike other major social media sites :

  • We do not sell ANY user data users to ANYONE.
  • We allow users to adjust their privacy settings to their degree of anonymity.
  • We do not cater ads, track you or analyze your usage for marketing.

  • This is how we have continued to grow year after year.

    We're working to make this as painless as possible and we appreciate your patience as we work out some kinks. Please don't direct your frustrations atthe already overworked volunteers that work day and night to keep this a safe and nurturing community. Please direct those frustrations at thecredit card companies and your government representatives.

    Thank you again for making this the great community that it is.

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    • States that Im certified to upload images but cant. Is there something else I need to do?
      • Just saw this requirement for certification to be able to upload photos. I am not really comfortable giving up control of an image of my drivers license. I would suggest finding a way around this requirement or many of us are likely to shy away from the site.
        • Help. I know my photos wont pass because they wont upload properly. Im on an iPhone. Ill do anything.
          • My primary concern is not sending in a photo to get verified but rather a copy of my license. There is nothing on this site that indicates what technology is in place to secure that data. I am sure they are well meaning but I have had sensitive personal information end up on the dark web once before and it was a nightmare to implement steps to mitigate that. I just wish they would post some info about their site security systems.
            • Why cant I send messages and photos in the chat room I can see the messages and photos from other people
              • Why can't I "upload photos" other than linking to already published photos on other websites?
                • What form of ID is required/allowed and what information on it must be visible?
                  • Can you fix your captcha codes? They're coming up as four characters every time and don't go through. I want to message someone, but I can't.
                    • I would like to upload more photos, but it seems impossible. I'm certified. When I try to upload more photos, it says "would you like to get certified?" and then says I already am certified.
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