Toys and Costumes: Adding Interest to the Bedroom

Toys and Costumes: Adding Interest to the Bedroom

No matter what kind of relationship you find yourself in, give it a little time and it will begin to feelstale. Especially in the bedroom. Thankfully, there’s a lot that can be done to create a newfeeling, a little spice, in a relationship. One way to add excitement is with toys and costumes.

Toys: Not Just for Kids

As children, we delighted to receive the Sears toy catalog (or Toys R Us, if you’re younger) atthe holiday season, frantically circling all of the things we wanted to receive. As adults, we canfeel that same glee when the Adam & Eve catalog arrives in the mailbox. Even better, we canaccess a huge variety of toys online! And since many communities have more upscale adultstores, we no longer have to wear protection walking into the one adult DVD store in town.

Toys are an experiment, so talk with your partner(s) and see what you might be interested intrying. There are the standbys of vibrators, plugs, and cock rings, but perhaps you’ll be moreadventurous and try a strap-on or wearable vibrator. There are all kinds of items to try to seewhat you like. Remember, just because you didn’t like one dildo doesn’t mean another onewon’t be just the right fit for you.

Costumes: Who Do You Want to Be?

Although the goal in the bedroom is usually to be wearing as little clothing as possible, who saysyou can’t start with a little fun first? Play it simple and stick to lingerie, or go all out. And we’renot just talking about the ladies here; men can get in on the fun as well! There is a multitude ofwebsites with costumes for everyone, and you can—and should—have fun with it.

Adding It Up: Role playing

So you have your toys, you have your costumes…the next step is to put them together for alittle role playing fun. Cowboys and Indians takes on a whole new meaning when you’re an adult!How about a wolf and Red Riding Hood? Or a couple of superheroes? All of it can be fun whenyou relax and let yourself enjoy the moment. Sure, this might not be an every-time thing, but forthat time when you need a little extra kick, you might find that your boredom is replaced withsome brand-new excitement.

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  • My GF luvs dressing me up as her lil slut girl wearing her panties and lingerie I get really turned on by wearing her panties and lingerie and of course I wear panties all the time
    • On Halloween I got all my old cowbot gear out; chaps, boots ,and of course cowboy hat, no pants and went next door for trick or treat . A married lesbian couple lives there and we're good friends . They were very happy to see me.
      • we love toys and dress up in the bedroom especial if i have another man as well as my hubby i always shop at i always get a discount from them.
        • I love to bring Toys into the bed, we have vibrators strap-ons buttpugs anal dildos of various sizes anal pump clit pump cock pump restraints but its something different everytime not always wild with a dildo hanging out my ass. But always get my parter off. She has multiples everytime we tear eachother apart we can't keep our hands off one another
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