Can You Love Two People at One Time?

Can You Love Two People at One Time?

There are a number of different definitions for love, and there’s no doubt that we can hold morethan one person in our hearts at one time. But what about romantic love, the kind of love thatinspires you to write poetry and consider spending your life with someone? Can you feel thatway about two different people?

Biology vs Society

Our biology wants us to procreate. And if you look at our cavemen brains, that procreation canonly happen when we have multiple partners. With more than one partner, the likelihood ofhaving progeny is greatly increased. But we’re smarter than biology, aren’t we?Society tells us that we should grow up, get married, and have children with that one person.That runs very much in contrast to what our tiny brains may be urging us to do. And while somepeople thrive in a monogamous relationship, there are some of us who long for something more.

When One Person Isn’t Enough

When you’re looking for “the one,” it almost seems ridiculous to think that one person can fulfilleverything on your wish list for a partner. He or she could be a great companion and friend butlacking as a lover. Do we marry for sex or companionship? For the majority of us, the clear goalis to find the complete package, but that doesn’t always work in the real world. And what if yourchosen partner did fulfill all of the desires you have; would you be bored?

According to an article in Psychology Today,an emotional dissonance is created when we love more than one person in a romantic way. Andthat may just wreak havoc on our well being. Another article in Elite Daily states that polyamory is not possible. Both this writerand the one at Psychology Today feel that romantic love is with one person, while a lust canoccur with another (or more than one). And it is usually the lust that we mistake for love.

What Do You Think?

There’s no definitive answer as to whether or not we can love two people at one time, but manypolyamorous unions have proven that it is possible and healthy. Just because it’s not yet readilyaccepted as status quo doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. What do you think?

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  • my wife and I were married very young, and we are together for many years. in the last 8 years we have enhanced our love for each other by being sexually open to love openly, and with each other know, and seeing, and participating is so inclined. We did swing and did it with my wife's female cousin and her husband. the first tumble in bed with them was kind of awaked, however it was a long weekend to enjoy all we coujld sexually which was the proof we could love others and enjoy sex with others
    • I think that this whole area of human nature depends on the individuals involved in any given situation/scenario. I can only speak for myself with any certitude at all, and I currently love three women. Strong, passionate, caring love. I don't know what else to say.
      • I am in a triad with 2 men..and love them both..they bring different characteristics..and different experiences in the bedroom..makes life love and sex exciting
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          • Most peer reviewed and accepted science tells us that primates did not evolve to be monogamous , so it must be trained behavior. Western societies have created many rules and "norms" to promote monogamy, and then discourage any deviation with guilt. But in my view, there is no need for guilt if consenting adults agree on a behavior, accept the consequences, and don't hurt others in the process. Isn't that the perspective shared by most of us who identify as swingers? Polyamory is just one step further.
            • yes can happen , we live together and is fun 2 woman and hubby
              • Sure would love having a woman to be with us or watch my husband with two woman or for me to be with 2 men that is enjoying
                • To ladies at the same time yes please!
                  • OF course you can. I believe there Not only are many different types of Love but also many different levels of love.
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