Who loves masturbation or self abuse.

When you masturbate, do you prefer to be...

I sometimes just want to hurry and get off. But other times I enjoy stroking with company. A couple of guys or girls rubbing off together is fun and sexy. I do love mutual masturbation as well. It feels better when someone does it for you. As long...

62 looking to masturbate with others singly...

feel free to add me. thx joe.bonanza1

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VR Headset

Does anyone masturbate using a VR headset? Did anyone catch you?

There is a desire man

Every day when I touch my penis, I want to masturbate and cum . I can barely control my desire to get an erection . I wonder if everyone here is like me.

How long has everyone been masturbating?

I've been masturbating since I was about 6. Of course I didn't know I was masturbating back then, I didn't even know it existed! All I knew was if i played with my willy for long enough then I got a nice feeling so I kept on doing it. I...

new friends

I'm looking for new friends to chat with, find me: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:...

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Strokin the bone......

Man I love hot to feel that 1st contact with my fist against my hard cock. It seems the pleasure just keeps getting better as I get older. I get off on edgeing and wearing a cock ring for an intense erection. Stroke on fellow...

Reason to masturbate

Never forget that you are someone's reason to masturbate

Cam fun

Hello JB here, love camming with older smooth nudists please add me on Skype !

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Naked on Skype ?

Hello everyone. Is there anyone who wants to help masturbate naked on Skype in full figure, so we can have a nice chat with each other while we masturbate our big stiff dicks? My Skype is: Tim Jensen 3333