Room Rules PLEASE read them

1) NO chats involving children or incest. This includes fantasy and roleplay. You will be banned/reported to the authorities and removed from the site. If anyone approaches you on these subject, flag them and report it to any Moderator. Our goal is to protect everyone from predators.
2) NO chats/pictures/videos involving pee/scat/animal sex or minors. This is an ADULT sexual site. Keep any mention of age over 18.
3) Keep mention of Family to a minimum. NO pictures of kids (nude or clothed). NO usernames containing parental status ( mom/dad/grandma/etc). Please leave parental status/kids/age/gender/raising nude/etc out of the chat. This is a sexual chat site and that info has no bearing here.
4) NO trolling for other chat/cam platforms/asking for money/gift cards/etc. NO posting of outside links. Only links sanction by TS or TN are allowed. You can be banned and/or removed from the site at the moderators discretion.
5) NO directing/requesting/suggesting for users to do things on cam. Enjoy what others share with us.
6) No harassing/being rude to others. NO means NO.
7) Pictures you post must be of you and/or spouse/GF/BF/Etc. Posting pictures/video you hi-jack off the internet is not allowed and illegal. No pictures of family members or friends. They can get their own account. Pictures where the anus is the main focal point should not be posted in the chat. Share those in private. This includes what you have shoved up it.
8)Please refrain from repeating the same thing over and over close together. Space it out to give people time to reply. NO reason the keep posting the same type pictures back to back. This is considered Flooding. Spread them out.
9) NO chatting/camming while driving. You put the safety of others at risk and is illegal.
Failure to follow these rules can get you muted/kicked out of the chatroom or banned at the moderators discretion.

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