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How often do you Masturbate to Orgasm?

How often do you masturbate to orgasm and where do you normally bate? Do you use porn, toys?

Video Chat

Anyone fancy a video chat? Bi guy here very open will video chat to most. Drop a line and will be intouch.

Anal play

Guys, how many of you have experienced anal either with another guy, pegged by your women or solo. Tell me about your experiences

Shockwave to treat ED

Has anyone tried shock wave therapy to treat ED I have been on Cialis for a while but I have developed stomach issues using it so Im wondering if anyone has been successful using shockwave therapy. Thanks in advance.

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Cum swallowing

I wonder how many guys enjoy this ? Tasting cum, their own or anothers. How did you start, did you enjoy it the first time? My gf asked if Id tasted my own cum and was surprised I hadnt. She asked if I would as it really turned her on. I agreed of...

Male Health Question: Penile Implants.

I am a 73 year old male who had an acute ischemic stroke in October 2016. Prior to my stroke I had no problem getting erections, but after my stroke I could not longer achieve one. ED medications did not work. Ironically, I could still achieve...

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Clothing Optional Lodgings in European Cities

Hi all! I'm looking to experience a bit of Europe mostly as a tourist - staying in a city with culture and sights. I'd LOVE to stay in a clothing optional hotel, a gay or mainstream guest house where you can practice social nudity. But of...

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Hotel Nudity and Masturbation

I have travelled alot over the years and stayed in lots of hotels around the world. The first thing I do when i get into my room is strip off naked - the feeling of total liberation being nude in my room is a turnon. I love masturbating naked...

First time.

Whats the story behind the first time you crossed over and sucked a cock. Was it spur of the moment? A long time fantasy?

Straight men for men

OK. I'm a gay man. In the past I have had the pleasure of - um - pleasuring straight men. Mostly, the events have centered around me sucking straight guys off, although there were a few times other stuff happened. Personally, from my...