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Nude photography

Hey I'm looking for tips on taking artsy nude photos with lighting or poses or anything. I only have basic equipment at moment so just need to learn some basics Any tips welcome

do you think we are off

we are a happily married couple in our 30s with children, pets, a mortgage etc. we are not swingers, not really into porn but enjoy the erotic. all the commercial sex does nothing for us. what really turns us both on would be to find several couples...

Sorry, broadcasting is only available to...

And that is just what it says,,,,,,,but......I am certified both here on TS and on TN . Nevertheless I can't open my cam on either site, what causes this problem? Anyone who has a clue? I can't find an admin who could help me further.

Delete account

Hi how do I delete Mt account.

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How do you "DELETED BLOG"??

Anyone has answer in removing your own personal blog in here?? There's seen no way to do it?? Bit weird??

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Shaking penis greeting

This is a message I am sending to all my friends to make an issue right that has been wrong for a long time. If you feel the same way then send it to your friends and start making things right locally. Soon you will find other groups and towns doing...

Video upload

Anyone else have any issues uploading videos? Ive tried for a good while now but it seems impossible to do! No matter what ive tried it just doesnt complete the upload. It just comes out with an error message "server respond with code...

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone

Camera fun

Hey, any couples or singles fancy having some fun taking photos

Nude cleaners in Los Angeles

I'm looking for recommendations for a nude cleaner in the Hollywood/West Hollywood area. I'm open to male or female, not looking for sex but ideally an exhibitionist or a show off and someone comfortable with passing erections. Ideally 2x...