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Digging in Virginia???

Anyone know of a good dogging place in Richmond va? I know Texas beach, but are there others?

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Shaking penis greeting

This is a message I am sending to all my friends to make an issue right that has been wrong for a long time. If you feel the same way then send it to your friends and start making things right locally. Soon you will find other groups and towns doing...

The voyeur

When we moved to a more country setting Karen could not have been happier. She loved be nude and would spend all the time she could on the back deck For the most part the deck could not be seen except for a brief point from the road. One day a car...

how we started

This is the story of my wife and I taking our first steps towards a much wilder and open sex life. My wife Karen has a great body and a really nice tit's and shortly after we were married I started encouraging her to show it off, by wearing more...

Seeing my wife "turn" into an...

Here's a story about my ex-wife's adventures into exhibitionism. She didn't start out that way. It was a very slow development. When we first went to nudist resorts, she was quite shy and usually kept on a sarong. She didn't feel...

Nude Resort

Looking forward to attending Nude resort after my workout today love to be nude lay at the pool maybe my legs spread a little to far for ALL to see love to tease and please ALL ANYTHING ANYBODY OOO MMMM ya wanna

How to ask?

I once offered my cock when I spotted an elderly couple blowjob on the beach. It had made me very horny and I was so very hard. The woman sat on her husband's cock and gently jerked mine while I kneaded her tits. Then I squirt my sperm properly....

Cruising without creeping

Any tips on cruising on nude beaches without being creepy? Joined a guy on the beach for a walk, followed him to a more secluded area, then he started touching himself, then we jerked and blew each other. (pre covid). Pretty ideal situation. Not...

Gulf shore get away

Wife and I love fucking in front of Windows, would love to work something out for you guys in our area to come watch

Goa beach sex

Any women or couples in goa,india up for some nighttime secret beach sex or at my place,check out my big tool in my profile photos & videos

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