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How to verify my age?

Hello! We are new to this community and recently registered an account. We would like to share some photo and videos in our album. However it requires to verify age and I couldn't find where to do this. Can anyone help? Many thanks!

whats a album cover

use to be when doing your profile you could post two picture one your main picture and the other the secondary picture of your profile , now it says a 3rd being a album photo what is that and where does it show up ?

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Any one use urethra sounds?

I want to increase the size of my hole so I can wear a chastity cage with a cathiter. Any advice?

How do I repost an avatar photo?

I was a member for a long time but was away for a while and my account was closed. I'm now Certified again but don't remember how to get my avatar back on. Can anyone help me?

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by bondagemale 
Viewing cams

Why do I get 'will connect to cam as soon as it's available so you can get in the action?' This happens on all cams I attempt to watch.

Hemp ankle bracelet

Hi, just curious does a hemp ankle bracelet worn by a guy mean anything. Does it matter which side?


Is there any way I can make it so my friends can view my photos. I even changed the status from 'friends only' to all users and that didnt work.

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nude deck~camera

Why do i get a POP UP stating my camera and mic ar not allowed? Bill

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Sending messages

The capt ha code jeeps coming on for me to send a message is this because you are only allowed to send so many messages a day? I have entered the correct numbers and letters then it keeps saying incorrect, any help on this ease? Thank you