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Threesomes? Yes or no?

Ive never had one but been considering it. I think id like 2 females because idk about another huy involved. Lol

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by lover_wy2574_14117 
Cuckold Diary

Hi, I'm Mark. I wanted to talk about how I became a cuckold, what influenced it and what is happening now. I will be glad to comments and advice. I'll probably start from the first time .... it was a couple of years ago. It is worth noting...

Name a celebrity you would Fuck, Marry, or...

Male? Bear Grylls, for starters. I need some time figuring out the other two. Female? Bebe Rexha would fit the first two categories easily. Get rid of? Azalea Banks. You guys? Got any celebrities you rank?

Body hair

We all have our own preferences, for ourselves and for what arouses us when seeing others. My own preference is completely shaven for my pubic area, scrotum, bum hole and cheeks and most of my other body hair thinned out or completely removed. I...


Anyone here have experience as a cuckold or is actively a cuckold with their partner? I'd be curious to chat. I've had a fantasy of seeing my GF being fucked by a nice, big cock; but, at times, am conflicted as to whether this makes me...

compassionate pleasuer

my wife and I just became "Intimate Assistants" to a disabled man-is this too weird for this group.

Christianity And Swinging.

Hello Everyone, I am a 48 year old man married for 18 years and have not had SEX with my wife now for 25 months or 2 years and 1 month. I have only had SEX with my wife. We have probably gone over 8 years total without SEX if you add all of the...

Is it weird to wear panties

Bisexual, Dom top, but kinda fem at same time. Love wearing women's intaments, am I only one

Looking in NJ and the Tributes state area

Always looking for new adventures with like minded people. Don't be shy say hi, you never know what it can turn into.

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Tales of Erotica and Fantasy

Diary of a Cuckolded Husband So I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, while my wife got dressed for her date. I was in a funk and I was feeling pretty low, and as much as I was trying to hide it from her, she noticed. "I'm going to be...

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